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Here at Quality Driveways we pride ourselves in providing Excellent customer service and satisfaction guaranteed.
We are experts in the installation of all types of paving for driveways, patios and paths, specialising in Permeable Paving because of its Environmentally friendly design and Ecological benefits that actively prevents pooling of water runoff therefore helping reduce the strain on our drainage network during heavy downpours and consequently NOT adding to the country’s flooding problems.

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here is just a taste of whats on offer

Permeable paving driveways

Conventional pavements, car parks and hard standing areas are designed to simply shed water from their surface, whereas permeable pavements allow the water to pass between each block and into the underlying sub-base therefore dramatically reducing the risk of flooding.

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Block paving driveways

We also cater for any and all types of block paving products. Concrete block paving is exceptionally versatile, making it ideal for highly trafficked pedestrian or vehicle areas. The small modular units of concrete block paving are easy to install enabling projects to be completed quickly and furthermore with minimal disruption. Our range of sizes and the ability to cut concrete blocks provide high levels of flexibility during installation.

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Garden paving patio

Whether you want a stand alone paved patio or integrated into a design including permeable or block paving our ethos is first of all quality, our philosophy is to work with you the customer to make your vision most of all come to life.

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Natural stone paving patio

If the Natural stone option appeals to you we have many options for you to consider, most noteworthy tailored to your needs to suit your taste and colour scheme.

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Artificial grass with paving

Artificial Grass is becoming more and more popular. Why not combine it with our permeable paving solutions ?. Looking just as good as the real thing and most of all zero maintenance; what more could you ask for ?

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omega flow permeable paving

Autumn Gold


Burnt Oak



Brett Omega Flow comes with a classic rectangular block profile and purpose designed nibs to enhance permeability.
This contemporary, clean style will complement most environments.

Alpha flow permeable paving

Autumn Gold



Brett Alpha Flow permeable paving with tumbled edges provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing solution for a wide variety of environments.

Alpha Flow is compatible in colour and style with the full Brett block paving range.

The enviroment matters

Did you know that since October 2008, it has been a legal requirement to incorporate SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) into any front garden or driveway over 5m² that is being paved over – even if you are only replacing an existing driveway?

This requirement was introduced to prevent any surface water run-off to the highway and thereby help reduce the risk of future flooding events and build up a more sustainable infrastructure for our urban spaces.

In some instances it is not possible to incorporate a SuDS solution; in these cases you will need to seek Planning Permission from your Local Authority. Failure to do this could be a costly omission as your driveway may subsequently need to be replaced if you come to sell your property in the future.

Aura Traditional Block Paving

Aura is the perfect courtyard cobble with a unique curved shape.
The tumbled riven surface and delicate shimmer makes Aura a great alternative to granite setts.
Using the matching Circle Kit, it’s also possible to acheive a wide range of designs and create a truly stunning driveway.

Ideally Suited for
  • Paving
  • Circles
  • Kerbs

GeoCeramica® Porcelain Garden Paving

GeoCeramica® represents the evolution of elegant, durable, beautiful contemporary porcelain paving. It offers all the benefits of conventional porcelain paving with its cool, crisp beauty and minimal maintenance but has now been made easy to install using traditional UK construction methods – and suitable for use on both patios and driveways alike.
This is thanks to the pre-bonded cementitious drainage base of GeoCeramica® which allows it to be quickly installed over a conventional Type 1 sub-base.

  • Refined, elegant aesthetics
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Simple to install using traditional methods
  • No staining, moss, algae or lichen growth
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Suitable for patios and driveways.

RIPPLED LIMESTONE Traditional natural stone

The natural warmth and traditional appearance of Limestone suits both traditional and contemporary garden settings.
Our range of Rippled Limestone is calibrated to standard thicknesses for ease of installation whilst retaining its natural strength and durability.

Garden Edging

Using Kerbs and Edgings between your paved areas and other aspects of your design such as lawns or borders helps to create gently defined areas with their own unique, natural look and feel.

Our Kerbs and Edgings provide a palette of colours that have been proven to add a great finishing touch to almost any paving project.
These can then be enhanced using our range of decorative aggregates to help finish off surrounding areas.

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.