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Composite Fencing & Tarmac Driveway

composite fencing tarmac 01 composite fencing tarmac 06

The project involved a complete renovation of the outdoor space of a property. The existing tarmac driveway was removed and replaced with a brand new one, providing a clean and modern look to the entrance. In addition to that, a large section of the property’s old tarmac was removed and replaced with fresh, new turf, giving the garden area a fresh and inviting appeal.

The landscape of the garden was transformed with the addition of composite fencing which not only provides privacy and security but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the property. The paved patio area is perfect for outdoor entertaining and is a great spot for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Additionally, the front path was paved to match the new driveway and to create a seamless transition from the road to the house.

Overall, this project was a significant investment in the property’s outdoor space, adding value and making it more attractive to potential buyers. The combination of the new tarmac driveway, landscaped garden, and paved areas created a cohesive and stylish look for the property, greatly enhancing its curb appeal. The renovation not only added beauty to the property but also provided a functional and practical space for the homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

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